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Andrea Barge, Owner KickStart Fitness

First off let me say, I love wine!!  I am also a foodie, I love to be active, and I workout so I can enjoy food and wine!  I am a mother to Mateo, wife to Patrick, and baby boy #2 on the way!  We moved to San Diego after living in Frankfurt, Germany for 3 years with work.  SO much fun!  With Patrick from France and my family in Kentucky & Colombia, we love to travel.  We found outdoor fitness classes to be the perfect way to stay fit around traveling so we can indulge in all the local goodies.  

I first started leading fitness classes with friends in my basement and it evolved in to a passion & career change. I love helping people on their health & fitness goals and this is a much more fun way to spend my days than Engineering! (nothing personal old job, I liked you a lot).  Now that I am a Mom, I am always looking for new ways to stay active with my son (please longer naps, please longer naps!! haha).  Getting involved with Youth Fitness was the perfect way to create an active and healthy lifestyle he can learn and take with him throughout his life.

As an experienced Fitness Instructor, I am here to help you start on your journey!!  I will help you find a great balance to stay fit, but still enjoy all there is in life!! (did I mention wine?!)


ACE Personal Trainer

ACE Youth Fitness Specialist

AHA Infant, Child, & Adult CPR & AED

Jack & Charlie

Support Crew


We can't forget our other loves!!  We have an 8-yr old Black Lab-Pit Bull mix, Jack, and a 2-yr old Boxer-Pit Bull mix, Charlie.  They also love to be active, running on the beach, playing ball (tho not always great at the retrieve part sheesh), and slowly learning to jump over those waves!  Not gonna lie, pretty entertaining to see them learn how different the beach was from a lake.  Dogs are so good for the soul.

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