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2019 Fitness Challenges!

6-Week Session includes unlimited classes, initial & final assessments, meal plan, online group support, home workouts, accountability, and chance to win prizes!  Participants have lost an average of 5 lbs, 5 inches, and 3% body fat!  We only offer 3 sessions a year and are limited to 10 participants! Enroll below to reserve your spot. More details below.


Jan 28 - Mar 11


To Be Announced


To Be Announced

Unlimited Classes:

 - Join for as many classes as you can.  We offer classes 5 days a week!

 - Recommend to attend at least 2x per week 


 - Assessments are completely optional, but a great way to track your progress.  All details are kept private and for your own knowledge.  

 - Body Composition: Before/After BMI, %Body Fat, Weight, & Key body measurements

 - Fitness: Before/After circuit workout to see how much stronger you have become.

Meal Plan:

 - Plans are based on USDA guidelines and targeting 1,500 calories per day.

 - They will include recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and a snack.

 - Recipes provided incorporate lean protein, nutrient-rich vegetables, and meet macronutrient guidelines for protein & healthy fats.  (customization available - contact us to discuss) 

Online Group Support:

 - Private Facebook group for participants gives us a place to share photos, words of encouragement, and track our dietary and water intake.

 - Perfect way to increase accountability and keep you driven!

Home Workouts:

 - I will provide home workouts for our days off that are quick and easy, but get you moving.



 - Chance to win great prizes just by pushing yourself!

 - Workouts, water, steps, focusing on you are all ways you can earn more chances to win.

 - Prizes include water bottles, shirts, free classes, cookbooks, and more!