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KickStart Kids

Fitness classes for those active littles!

Outdoor fun fitness classes designed for toddlers and preschoolers.  Our goal is to have fun, stay active, and develop key motor skills. You will see activities like obstacle courses, activity trails, bubble dancing, acting like animals and more! See next session's agenda below.

Classes are Mommy & Me style with as little or as much participation as your child requires.  This is the perfect way to learn healthy habits early in life!  Not to mention maybe the chance for a longer nap??


KickStart Kids: Friday 10am

Cottonwood Creek Park


Next Session: $20

Dates: July 19 & 26

See below to sign up.

Note: recommended for kids ~2-5yrs, but no age restrictions.  Come try a class!



Single Class only


2-Week Session

July 19 & 26 



Good for kids or adult classes



Good for kids or adult classes



Do my kids have to follow instructions?

Class is designed for toddles and above... chaos is expected!  We will do our best to keep them corralled, but completely fine to let them do their own thing.

What if my child is not quite 18mo?

Age range is only a recommendation.  No hard restrictions.  If this sounds like a good fit for your child, come try a class and see!

What if I have multiple children?

Siblings are free!  Need to bring an infant or older sibling?  No problem!  We are family friendly all the way around. (no cost)

What if weather is not ideal? #SDProbs

You will receive an email if class is rescheduled for any inclement weather.  If it is hot and sunny, we will stay in the shade and drink lots!

What can I expect in class?

Fun filled environment with varying activities week to week.  Obstacle course, animal races, follow the leader, etc.  See pictures or Facebook for more.

Can I workout as well?

Please do!  We offer classes 3 days a week with on-site childcare available.



Do I need to bring anything?

We start and end class in a circle.  Please bring a blanket or mat if you do not want to sit on the grass.  Also water for both you and your little.

What if I am already a member?

Awesome!! So excited to have you join our kids program as well.  Email us for options to add on kids classes to your membership.