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Workouts are fast paced, HIIT, small group sessions.  The feel of personal training without the cost!

Classes are designed to compliment each other to achieve your healthiest and strongest you.

HIIT & Tabata Circuit: High intensity workouts focused on strength training and toning.  Workouts are fast paced, but push your muscles to your own limits to increase your strength to tone and build muscle mass.  Workouts are built for all levels and can expect to see bodyweight, resistance band, and isometric muscle movements.

Cardio Strengthening Circuit: High intensity workouts focused on cardio heavy exercises to get your heart rate up, but still build muscle and strength.  We will utilize fast pace cardio moves and short distance runs around the park to really get your heart rate going.

See Kids & Family Fitness classes below.

Our 6-week sessions are designed to KickStart your fitness & weight loss goals. The HIIT style, fast paced, small group personal training will get you the results you are looking for.  Participants on average have lost 5lbs, 5 inches, 3% body fat, and tone and strengthened beyond their expectations!

Kids & Family Classes

KickStart Kids: Interested in keeping your toddlers and kids active?  We offer Mommy & Me style classes designed to do just that!  Help them become happy and healthy adults by learning the importance of fitness early on.  Classes are fun, filled with activities, and will help them develop key motor skills.

Family Yoga: Working out as a family helps children learn the importance and fun fitness can bring in to our lives.  We introduce basic yoga poses along with music and moving around to keep them entertained. Yoga moves are designed for all ages, but targeted for children 2-5yrs.  Let them learn and watch how strong you can be!

On-site childcare provided by experienced sitters.  We workout in parks so will have lots of room to run around along with a infant playpen as needed. Your kids will have a blast and burn lots of energy! 

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