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Andrea from KickStart Fitness is amazing! I recently finished a 6 week bootcamp with her, and lost 9 inches!! I have to be honest for a sec - I really dislike working out, but have truly enjoyed the last 6 weeks! I have a serious lack of motivation usually to work out, but the support system Andrea sets you up with is such a great benefit and inspiration to keep going. Also - to see such great results in such a short time was a fantastic end to the bootcamp. I've continued on with classes on T/Th and continue to feel (and look) great every day! Andrea pushes and encourages you to do your best, and is great about modifying workouts if needed. She's also really focused on your form during exercises, which I always need pointers on!

If you are hesitating to sign on with KickStart fitness, don't. Andrea is a wonder woman who will take your fitness goals and leave you with #absfordays


Fallbrook, CA

Kickstart Fitness was so much more then I had imagined it would be! I cannot say enough about this incredible program. I signed up for the 6week bootcamp because I needed that extra push to get back into shape after having my son. I was already pretty fit but felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere. I wanted to be stronger, faster, toned, and loose those last few pounds. I absolutely loved the group motivation, accountability, easy meal plans WITH grocery lists, and most of all the challenging and more importantly FUN workouts. With Kickstart I have made better nutrition choices, lifestyle changes, and great new friends! I loved that each person in the group was at a different fitness level and how every exercise was easily modified for each member to appropriately challenge them. Every time I left class feeling so good and craving the next one! Although Kickstart was a little far for me what ultimately made me choose it was my need for a sitter on the days that my husband wouldn’t be home in time to watch our son. I have never left him with anyone before and was nervous using a gym childcare. The option for a sitter on site is absolutely GENIUS! I am able to get my workout in to the fullest and not have to worry about him as I could see him from our mats! If you are looking for that extra push or just an amazing team of inspiring and motivating people to surround yourself then choose Kickstart- you won’t be disappointed!!
I not only met the goals I had set but was so impressed that I am continuing my fitness classes with Andrea’s team! I am so motivated that I have set new goals for myself that I never thought I would even come close to achieving, I can’t wait to see what I am capable of with the help of Kickstart!


Vista, CA

Andrea is absolutely AMAZING! I just finished her 6 week bootcamp! It was amazing the exercises are difficult but if she saw your body was fatigued she modified the exercise she prefers better form over more reps the “wrong” way! While she teaches she always has a positive attitude and knows when to push you harder and when to lay off!! As a newer momma herself she totally gets what mommas need and helps you work on those “stuborn” areas after baby is born! I always feel great after her workouts and excited for the next class!! She is also great at creating a community.....all the women by the end bootcamp were pushing each other it was great to have us all together working towards our individual goals in an environment that felt like we were all on the same mission! I would highly recommend her classes to anyone!!! Can’t wait for her next bootcamp too!!!!!


Carlsbad, CA

I recently took the 6 week boot camp with Andrea. It was awesome ! Not only did I lose weight, I lost over 7 inches overall. My before and after pictures showed the change. Over the 6 weeks I learned how to strengthen my whole body. With Andreas encouragement and support, I learned correct form and how to push myself more. The support of the other ladies in boot camp was great and helpful, and gave me new friends to lean on. I highly recommend this boot camp to everyone. I will be doing the next boot camp with Andrea :) #bodybyburpee


Vista, CA

Andrea is amazing! I participated in a 6 week boot camp and it was exactly what I needed to do after having my two babies. I felt safe having my kids (5 months and 15 months) watched by a friendly sitter on site. This boot camp got me off the couch and it felt great being active again! The exercise were difficult at first and Andrea modified many of them for me, but by the end I was so much stronger and I was proud to have come so far so quickly. 


It was great meeting the other ladies in the boot camp and we encouraged each other through the entire process. I was amazed when I saw my before and after pictures, and addtional encouragement was in the lost inches and pounds.


I strongly recommend working out with Andrea. Kickstart Fitness delivered the results I was looking for.


Escondido, CA

Andrea is an amazing instructor. I enjoyed the bootcamp so much I actually looked forward to working out! The workouts were challenging yet fun - she always offered modifications too. As someone who is easily bored with repetitive-type exercises, I found the variety of Andrea’s classes to be the ideal mix of cardio and HIIT and I was bummed when the 6-weeks was over. 


Kickstart Fitness definitely kickstarted fitness back into my life. I lost 5 inches and crushed my strength goals by the end of the 6-weeks. 


If you’re looking for some support, something new or just looking to add a little extra to your current routine, take a class - I’m pretty sure you’ll be back for more!


Encinitas, CA

Great workouts and lots of fun! Andrea’s workout are fast-paced and never boring.


Carlsbad, CA

The name says it all- i spent an intense 3 days with Andrea over a month ago, as a complete beginner... i lost inches, and felt so much better! I came home and have been working out ever since! Andrea is the right balance of tough and caring. Cannot wait to go back.


Charleston, SC

I attended the full week camp.. was a lot of fun. We experienced different activities and workouts which kept it very interesting, and the result shows. Lost 10 inches and 8 pounds. Awesome!

Patrick (my hubs!)

Encinitas, CA

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